Kottonmouth kings bong toke

Yo Liar liar pants on fire Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. It's time to put the chronic in the chamber The bong water needs a little change up I throw a fast ball right down the strike zone And split the bat up to stick in the glass bowl Mountain Spring always goes down the freshest Before we spark it up D-Loc you must inspect it Dirty water's like a sin to a christian You want heaven but you never gonna get in The high priest baptizes and purifies The canni-bus now we're all getting herbalized Pass the lighter spark the holy chalice The Mavericks ain't the same since Steve Nash left Dallas Sprinkle on the keef yeah adds a nice topping We getting' baked like hash cakes there's no stopping The water's bubbling my vision starts doubling The smoke's rising fast I pull the stem it comes rushing in Take a bong toke I love rippin' outta bongs it gets me so so high When I take a big toke 'looks like my eyes start to cry Tears start to swell up when I take a huge hit Of that bong biggie bong diggity dank dank shit Johnny Richter don't quit out the one two three Take so many bong hits you might run out of weed Thought you was fucking with a rookie but I'm really a king I was just out playing hooky having fun with my team Well now I'm back with a plan to get the whole world united The plan's called bong tokes first you pack it then light it Then you pass it to a friend and keep on paying it forward Until we all live as one to form a weed world order Take a bong toke Where's the weed at?


Optimize the database interface so that unneeded data is not being paged out. The database is updated and the buffer of the current application server is invalidated. As the timespan between the roll-in and the roll-out of a work process is once completed. On which information does the data access strategy used for executing an SQL statement depend on? The status of an individual work process, for example, waiting, running, on hold, etc.


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